Do you build or supply ramps for your storage sheds?

We do not furnish ramps because it is not possible to produce or stock a universal ramp that will meet all situations. Some storage sheds will be blocked 3 or 4 feet above the ground, while others will be only inches. Changes in slope from one side to the other can also be difficult to […]

How much vertical clearance does the installer need to get the gooseneck trailer and the storage shed onto my property?

The trailers are approximately 30 inches in height. The storage sheds range in height from the short wall utility sheds (102 inches) to the lofted barn with 3 inches of optional, additional height (139 inches). Depending on the model the customer chooses, the installer would need a minimum clearance of between 11.5 feet to 15 […]

Do the storage sheds need to be anchored?

The storage sheds need to be anchored in certain locales where severe weather accompanied by high winds is common. There are some select municipalities outside those areas that may also require anchors. You should consult your local codes for specific requirements in your area. Weather King and it’s agents are not responsible for anchoring of […]