What is included in the installation?

The installation includes placing and leveling the storage shed on site. We do not remove obstacles or provide ground leveling services. The storage sheds are leveled to the terrain with treated wood blocks (ground contact rated). If you prefer, you can supply 4″ x 8″ x 16″ solid concrete blocks (1 block for every 4 […]

Why is the lead time two to three weeks?

The three-week lead time allows us to construct the storage shed, apply caulking and paint with adequate drying time, apply roofing shingles and work around any weather concerns that may affect the safe delivery of the finished product.

Are all of your storage sheds available for rent-to-own?

All of the standard sheds are available for rent-to-own. There are situations in which a customized storage shed can require paying cash. Also, if a customer wants to modify the construction of their storage shed or paint it, then it must be a cash purchase. Typically, though, you can add a wide variety of available […]